Youth Peace Leadership

What we do

With the Youth Peace Leadership project KMF is targeting the youths in Myanmar and empowering them to work in their communities for a wider public awareness and engagement against discrimination. The project is offering 15 day trainings to create a mutual understanding among the participants and deepen their knowledge on Peace Building, Conflict Transformation, Gender, Pluralism and Human Rights. Furthermore, 10 day refreshing trainings are offered for those who have attended previous trainings.

The alumni participate in follow up trainings on Anti-discrimination, Forum-Theatre, Edutainment and Facilitation Skills and thus are enabled to initiate and guide meetings, workshops and trainings in their communities using innovative methods. Additionally, each year, two volunteers get the chance to do a six months internship and gain practical experience in project operations.

The project team organizes follow up meetings in different areas of Myanmar to support future peace awareness raising activities of the alumni. Additionally to their own activities, the alumni join campaigns to create awareness and increase sensitivity among the villagers about violence. They use their acquired skills in Edutainment and Forum Theatre, organize film festivals and special talks in different communities around Myanmar.