Education for Peace

What we do

Myanmar’s long history of war and conflict is posing many challenges for today’s society. The Myanmar formal education system should be the place to equip the future generations of Myanmar with the necessary skills to create a peaceful society. Consequently, teachers need to be trained, to be able to provide the desired trainings.

In 2016 KMF started the Education for Peace project. At the core of the project are a 2-Day introductory Weekend Training (WE), a three week Intensive Trainings (IT), a 3-4 week Summer Work Camp (SWC) volunteering experience and follow up trainings. The trainings are offered to students of the Yangon University of Education and the Sagaing University of Education.

With the trainings the participants, who represent the future generations of educators in Myanmar, are sensitized for the role and the importance of teachers for a peaceful society. Their awareness is raised for the diversity of Myanmar and the different backgrounds that children are coming from (in terms of language, religion, economic status etc.).  They are equipped with the necessary skills to solve problems and conflicts creatively and non-violently in their classrooms (and in their personal life). Alternative teaching methods are used (group work, role play, games and exercises) and the participants learn how to use these methods when they are teachers. Furthermore, the trainings provide basic knowledge about the causes of conflict and explain the broader context including topics such as Globalization, Democracy, Human Rights (with a focus on Child Rights), Gender and Interfaith.