Projects under the Peace Program of KMF

Education for Peace

Myanmar’s future educators are sensitised for the role and the importance of teachers for a peaceful society. In 2016 KMF started the Education for Peace project. At the core of the project are a 2-Day introductory Weekend Training (WE), a three week Intensive Trainings (IT), a 3-4 week Summer Work Camp (SWC) volunteering experience and follow up trainings.

Metta Myae

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Sangha Leadership for Social Change

Support Myanmar’s monks and nuns to improve Social Harmony.Individual change of those Sangha can bring the community change as they are influencers. Sangha are resourceful to do initiatives in communities and they are eager to share back the knowledge to community.

Youth Peace Leadership

YPL were provided advanced training, they will continue sharing with peace concept in their communities. Basic peace concept will be introduced to Sangha through peace leadership training. It is essential to provide this concept to Sangha as they are the teachers and mentors in their communities with powerful influence.