Green Youth Network

What we do

People around the globe suffer from diverse threats caused by climate change. It ranges from pollution caused by plastic waste to natural disasters such as droughts and floods. The problems are exacerbated by poor public participation when it comes to natural resources management and decision making, lack of environmental justice and absence of monitoring by law. Furthermore, processes are non-transparent, reliable information often is not available which is posing difficulties for the public to be well informed.

KMF’s Green Youth Network is working towards a more participatory approach to improve environmental justice and natural resources management.

Trainings for capacity building and awareness raising for environmental issues have been conducted between 2014 and 2016. Furthermore, the Green Youth Network organized Eco Youth Camps, supported the Green Campus Movement groups and participated in the campaigns for the World Environment Day (June 5) celebrations since 2017.

To bridge the information gap, a mobile application is being developed (“ေဂဟဓိက”) and information brochures are being created. Additionally, Green Youth Circles for environmental conservation on community level have been initiated and the Youth Environmental Clubs in the universities are advocating for public participation. Furthermore, the Green Youth Network has started to monitor cases of environmental injustice.