Climate Smart Village

What we do

Climate change threatens the living environment and health of millions of people. In Myanmar, where 25% of the households live below the official poverty line and about 10% live even below the food poverty line, the impact will be dramatic. As results from the Philippines show, Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) and Community Based Adaptation (CBA) can be ways to reduce the pressure and enhance the resilience of the local communities.

Based on the experience from the Philippines, KMF has decided to set up the “Scaling Out Community-based Adaptation (CBA) via Climate Smart and Nutrition Villages as Platforms to Address Food Insecurity in Myanmar” project.

The project has started in May 2018 and is aiming to improve the productivity of households and to generate and share knowledge among affected communities and relevant stakeholders. In Myanmar there are four major agro-ecological regions, namely: the central dry zone, mountain uplands, upland-plateau and delta. In each region one Climate Smart Village (CSV) will be set up to implement CBA processes. The gained knowledge will be shared within villages and between villages, training courses based on the work and experiences in the CSVs will be developed and learning materials will be produced. Also an international exchanges with the Philippines and Vietnam could be valuable and will be pursued.