About Us

Kalyana Mitta Development Foundation (KMF) is a registered NGO in Myanmar working on youth empowerment and social change movement via youth leadership programs across the country since 2008. KMF has provided awareness raising, leadership and specific skills for youth based on engaged Buddhist approaches, small grants to provide local youth groups set up after trainings (Alumni Core Groups) with opportunities to begin community development initiatives. KMF works on both peace and green programs through building partnerships for working together as good friends for the benefit of society.

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Green Program

People around the globe suffer from diverse threats caused by climate change. It ranges from pollution caused by plastic waste to natural disasters such as droughts and floods. The problems are exacerbated by poor public participation when it comes to natural resources management and decision making.

Peace Program

Since the beginning, KMF has been pushing for actions to support a culture of peace and to implement sustainable development. With the PCPS project KMF is targeting the youths in Myanmar and empowering them to work in their communities for a wider public awareness and engagement against discrimination.


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